Mayor Ferguson June 2007 re tax bill for Plan A costs

Pizzuto Sept 2009 Plan A No Shocks

Peary 2009 Cash Crunch

Peary Mar 2009 Sooner or Later

 AESC Falls 3.4 million short

AESC Deficit 1.6 million higher June 2010

2006 Water master Plan Excerpts  Stave Lake not until 2020 New developments are 80% of the cost

2010 Water Master Plan Excerpts Dixon Lake may increase in future from 80 MLD  to 141 MLD

The City of Abbotsford is strapped for cash due to wasteful spending and not collecting enough Development Cost Charges from developers since 2007. Rather than increasing the DCC balance as of Dec. 2010 was $8.6 million less than Dec. 2009. The details are in: ENG 65 2011

ENG 50 2010 August 4, 2010 the basis for the statements from Peary and Pizzuto:

Pizzuto Aug 2010 City has enough water for residents and growth

Peary Aug 2010 “through conservation the 2015 deadline could be pushed back as much as 5 or 10 years”

Peary Oct 24, 2011 “will not be able to meet deman d after 2016”

Pizzuto Oct 26, 2011 “City urgently needs water”

Pizzuot’s 3rd letter to both editors of local newspapers  “I am not a big fan of writing letters to the media”
“….writing this letter in the hopes of clarifying some of the misinformation that has been provided by various special interest groups, and subsequently published by the media and others – it is easy for people to make claims when they will never be held accountable for what they say!”
Mr. Pizzuto I am ready to be held accountable for what I say that is why I am running for Abbotsford City Council!

Current users paying 90%

“The proposed funding model for the project balances costs to developers and water users and strives to maintain affordability for both. It requires that development cost charges fund 10% of the capital costs of the project.”

Fast avoids questions re water systems on the CETA negtiating table :

“Water services: We were told “there is a strong sensitivity in the EU about water services and a reluctance on their part to put anything on the table.” Canada has some offensive issues when it comes to larger products related to water services, “but we’re not looking to see gains there.” However, “provision of water services where water has been privatized has come up,” we were told. The EU feels if a municipality had decided to privatize a local water service, that EU bidders should have equal rights under the procurement chapter to bid on the contracts.” Councxil of Canadians Stuart Trew, Friday, October 28th, 2011

Nov 11, 2011 Abbotsford News



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  1. Posted by Colin King on October 30, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Hello Lynn< I have followed you and your diligent and "troublesome" constructive comments at various council meeting and have become impressed with your thoroughness and am a enthusiastic supporter of you to become a city councilor.
    All the hard work you are doing with the group Water Watch which I fully support and want to do what I can to help with.
    I was in attendance at the Reach last Frid. to see the film :-
    Water Makes Money,which was most informetive and very convincing to vote NO to this 3p water project for our water suppy system.Though there was a decent turn out for this showing I wish that more people would be able to see this film sometime before the vote.It was most interesting that no council member who supports this project was in attendance to answer any question.Only Patricia Ross, who apposes it was
    there.Judging by the experiences of the many European cities that are now taking back control of their water from their p3 "partners" Abbotsford must learn from These Europeans and their long experience of being doubletalked to and the phoney accounting resulting in massive profits to these "partners".I VERY MUCH HOPE THIS MESSAGE GETS OUT BEFORE THE VOTE AND THE MAJORITY VOTE NO ! !


  2. Posted by Lilly Kaetler on November 14, 2011 at 1:47 am

    The 2006 Water Master Plan presented to AMWSC in Sept./06,
    indicates that DCC’S (development cost charges to help pay for
    capital projects related to growth) NEED to be increased dramatically.

    The City of Abbotsford did not put forth a proposal to increase D.C.C.’S,
    until November, 2007, thereby, letting an almost entire year go by, before
    initiated new increased DCC rates.

    The city lost collecting D.C.C.’S on about $350 million in building permit
    values for 2007.

    It was, also, written on May 19, 2009 in The news that ” in 2008 the City
    of Abbotsford agreed to hike it’s DCC’S to take into account higher
    construction prices. However, those higher rates have not yet been passed
    onto developers, who are still paying 2007 rates.”

    “That means developers will be paying their D.C.C.’S at five percent less
    than existing 2007 levels. That is 12% percent less than 2008 fees.”

    Cities’ Engineer report, March 15, 2010 states, “it is recommended the
    proposed 2010 DCC rates increase by 4.2% (net average) above existing
    2008 DCC RATES. tHIS MEANS THE PROPOSED 2010 dcc rates will still be
    slightly less than previous 2007 DCC rates.”

    The report, furthermore, indicated, ” to keep D.C.C. rates as low as possible,
    there were approximately $16 million road projects deferred, Stave lake treatment was reduced and municipal asset factors for sewer and water increased to 30%.”

    “Increasing municipal asset factors will result in increased user rates for existing
    customers. However, is is necessary to keep DCC rates as low as possible
    to stimulate development, provide employment and accomodate growth.”

    City manager, Frank Pizzuto, however, said in his letter of August 28, 2010
    that the city has enough water for residents and growth.

    He indicated “residents will never need to subsidize growth as the city has
    development cost charges in place so “Growth pays for itself.” This includes
    the carrying costs of money borrowed for the development of our Stave Lake

    The AMWSC report, dated, March3, 2011, however, pointed out that
    DCC’S provide much of the funding, these funds are not available until
    new residents and businesses move into the community.”

    “We must assure enough water to support economic development. Businesses
    must be assured there is enough water for their expansion plans.

    The 2010 Development cost charges by-law update included a request
    to the inspector of Municpalities to allow recovery of $46 million in interest
    from debt borrowing for water supply and James Plant projects required
    to be constructed before adequate DCC’s are collected.”

    Abbotsford has one of the highest DCC rates, yet a comparision chart to
    other municpalities such as Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Surrey, Langley
    Township and Chilliwack show we have applied the least amount of monies into
    the DCC WATER FUND. The values ranged from $1400.00 – 2000.00 except for Abbotsford, which totalled only $998.00.

    The |City of Abbotsford has failed to collect appropriate DCC’S to help pay
    for the new Stave Lake Water project, yet says it needs water for development.

    The City, furthermore, just in recent weeks has indicated that DCC rates will
    not be affected by the new Stave Lake Water project, thereby, passing the
    costs onto the taxpayers to help pay for the new water source for Abbotsford.

    A “No” vote for a P3 water plan = Sustainable Development


  3. Posted by Lilly Kaetler on November 14, 2011 at 2:30 am

    Correction: Abbotsford has one of the highest DCC rates,
    should read: Abbotsford has collected the highest amount
    in D.C.C.’S (2010).


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